Aceh and Disaster, December 26th 2004 is as an evidence of the history of Acehnese people who experience 8.9 Richter scale of earthquake followed by tsunami. And for four years, the difficult times have passed.

The Gigantic earthquake and tsunami wiped out Aceh on December 26th 2004, has awaken Indonesian people and the international community in general to take a valuable experience and lessons from the disaster.

Right over the disaster happened, aid began flows to Aceh, as human beings, helping each other is a requirement. One of the aids came from the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Hundreds of their volunteers day by day mingle with the community to provide various forms of aid.

Currently, a lot of urgent recovery has been made by the people who affected by the tsunami in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province. It has also reached a significant progress through help from the government and donor countries during four years.

As a humanitarian organization, The Red Cross not only helped the tsunami victims, but also conducted various programs to support the victims to rise again.


The presence of the Red Cross volunteers to Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) is not motiveless, including the American Red Cross. “All the emergency response that occurred in Aceh is because of the tsunami,” said Taherul Islam Khan, Disaster Management Delegate American Red Cross. Emergency response is translated as the fulfillment of basic needs of people which suddenly lost effected by the surge.


Because of the emergency reason, in the beginning, assistance given are contain things of basic physical needs of the disaster victims, such as shelter, medical and health care, clean water, health food and women and children needs. At that time, the American Red Cross (Amcross) feels no need to have a certain measurement, including the “target” that will be achieved in normal condition, because at that time the people are really not in a normal condition. Together with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) they continue to give care to the people of the victim. Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, which sets out the sense of humanity, similarity, neutrality, independence. American Red Cross helps those who are vulnerable in the world, prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters, complex humanitarian emergencies and life threatening health circumstances.


Year by year, the volunteers tireless support both moral and material. Slowly but surely people living in Aceh has changed to be better.

4 Year Post-Disaster

Now, Aceh has four years under the recovery from the earthquake and tsunami. Many public facilities have been established and now are able to give service to the community, such as roads, schools, health centers and even new houses for residents of the victim has been built and already be occupied. In the new houses which built on the basis of humanity, now all the families in Aceh can return to reach their bright future. American Red Cross as a humanitarian organization plays an important role in rebuilding those facilities.


This is a remarkable achievement, considering the range of the task and the complexity faced. Now, in many places, the program emphasis has gradually shifted from the recovery operation to be long-term development. This shift of focus in line with the priority programs of the Red Cross, including Amcross, in the countries which was affected by the tsunami.


Four years after the tsunami, now people have started to get another emphasis. Now they no longer faced with various problems concerning how to restore the physical property, but now people start to be aware that they must become citizens who are ready with the natural condition around.


Aceh after the tsunami is totally different with the condition before 2004. By changing the physical conditions of the land, require the public should also understand that they are now living and staying in disaster-prone area. Post-earthquake and tsunami in 2004, a lot of earthquake shocks continue to be perceived. Disasters with a small-scale are often occur, including the small scale earthquake, tide waves, storms, even floods and landslides.


Natural disasters can not be avoided and also very difficult to be prevented, but the readiness of all sectors will be able to save many human lives and reduce the impact of the disaster felt. “For that reason, recently we focus on the program of disaster awareness, through this program we hope that the community can be more alert and educated to the disaster and environment around them” said Taherul Islam Khan.


American Red Cross, Taher said, now begin with a great concentration on disaster awareness programs in the community. Together with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Amcross tries to prepare the public aware of the disaster. “We know the disaster could come anytime and anywhere, so an alert should be the main focus currently, this is for a long life in the future,” said Thaher.


By having public aware of the disaster, we will be able to prevent the bad impact of the disaster as low as possible, furthermore, this awareness will enable individuals and institutions to improve their live and economy even more quickly.


In order to have a better preparedness in facing the disaster in Aceh, Amcross working with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has started to recruit more volunteers from the community to make the information closer to the local community. Today, Many volunteers have an ability to provide assistance in emergency response if a disaster comes.

Because of the community members are the first disaster response actor, helping friends and the injured neighbors and the searching effort and assistance, it is really important for them to play a role in identifying disaster risks, plan and implement disaster prevention, actively participate in afforded preparedness, emergency response and recovery.


Preparing for Disaster Response Community

Initially, it is not easy to invite the public to realize that their life is always under threat of danger. Start from the threat of natural hazards, to the dangers that threaten their health which comes from the surrounding environment. At least, it is what felt by Marlina, a volunteer from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Aceh Besar branch.


To perform the community aware of the disaster program is not an easy task for the Red Cross. “We have to explain many things that need quite long time, we try to unify the public views with the more adequate knowledge” Marlina cites


As a people who had been experiencing as the victim survivors of natural disasters, they certainly have a distinctive pattern in the case of self-rescue efforts. “But they only know how to save themselves, not solely on the preparedness. In facing the disaster, the preparedness is really important, and here’s what we socialize to the community,” said Marlina.


Recognizing the needs of the people who urged the standby disaster, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), which is supported by the American Red Cross, agreed to run the program and the establishment of the community aware of the disaster. Four years after the tsunami disaster in Aceh, considered to be a good time for a program that is named ICBRR (the Integrated Community Based Risk Reduction) or known as a standby disaster community (Community Based Action Team / CBAT)).


Menyadari kebutuhan masyarakat siaga bencana yang mendesak, Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) yang didukung oleh American Red Cross, kemudian bersepakat menjalankan program pembentukan masyarakat sadar bencana. Empat tahun pasca bencana tsunami Aceh, dinilai menjadi waktu yang baik untuk program yang diberi nama ICBRR (the Integrated Community Based Risk Reduction) atau yang dikenal dengan satuan siaga bencana berbasis masyarakat (Community Based Action Team/ CBAT)).

Abdul Haris Abdani, Secretary General of the Red Cross Indonesia (PMI) in Aceh, said the program is important to be where people will be the backbone of disaster response efforts. “This program is very good and needed dimasyarakat, because they are the people who are, if the disaster area,” said Haris.
Through CBAT program, Red Cross will be very terbantu, because of the many volunteers who are around people. This program is a program for community-based risk megurangi impact of a disaster resulting from extreme climate changes, so that every community can find out more about a general near an area prone to disaster and identify the impact of a disaster. Until 2008, at least 500 volunteers CBAT, have been trained in the four districts in Aceh, each in the city of Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar regency, the City of Sabang and Aceh Jaya regency. “They joined in CBAT truly members of the community in the village, and they are trained by volunteers red cross,” said Haris.
However, Haris added, red cross menghadapai also run a variety of constraints in the CBAT program, which is fully supported by the American Red Cross this. The relawanmengaku difficult to invite the community to come together, as the activities of the now solid start. “The difficulty we can not collect them in one at the same time, but we do not give up, hold discussions and the approach is done so that the results can be obtained, that is, can educate a group of volunteers from the community,” said Haris.
The selection of candidates for volunteer group of tsunami victims are trying to do. Red cross in this area PMI branch each assess and select potential volunteers from community groups, particularly the youth and teenagers.
Candidates are then mobilized volunteers in a place to be trained. Day by day they are trained to know what the disaster, and how to do first.
The result does not disappoint. Each village kadernya provide 20 people for training. When the two-year program is running, the members have started CBAT responsive and creative with what they have learned during this.
Disaster Management Delegate American Red Cross, Taherul Islam Khan, said, ICBRR this program to be very important, for the life of the people of Aceh dikemudian day. “One person only members of the public know about disaster response, he will be able penyampai to others, so that information This will continue to grow, and that is the use of community volunteers trained this, “said Taherul.
For 5 to 10 years, people may have forgotten the disaster that befall them, but with the volunteers, this will always remind people that they should always be in standby, because the disaster will come at the time and place that is never suspected. “Strategy is a volunteer-based community is also expected to create a strong community and standby disaster,” Taherul firm.
Other fundamental things, the existence of the volunteer community is also becoming important for the existence of the red cross organizations themselves. “In addition to a backbone, so this is also a volunteer for the road wheel system principle organization owned by red cross, red cross indonesian especially in Aceh,” said Shesh lens Kafle, activists of the Red Cross Canada (Canadian Red Cross).

Tsunami Week

Intenseness mentari little restrained by the cloud of doubt hang in the sky Lamreung Village, District of Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh. Krueng Aceh river the village field with bersisian add thickness rural atmosphere. In the village, three large tents pleton connected with the neat look, a few tents in the adjoining dom all sides. Hundreds of teenagers and young people with nearly the same clothes, look busy mudik downstream. There is a drape a towel in his neck, the toilet emergency board consisting of thin walls. There is also busy with a variety of paper ditangannya check the numbers and letters.
Shirt on which they deceive any posts listed temu PMI volunteers. Yes, sepekan four years before the tsunami warning precisely on 26 December 2008, hundreds of volunteers and members CBAT Indonesian Red Cross, was a friendly meeting that concentrated on the Field Lamreung, Banda Aceh. erasal volunteers from the four districts, the city of Banda Aceh, Kota Sabang, Aceh Besar regency and the District of Aceh Jaya, gathered to exchange opinions and experiences.
Among them are many who do not know each other, and disinilah place for them to come and share. Helmiza (18) for example. He got that a lot of new friends fellow volunteers, when the meeting the volunteers in the field Lamreung it.
Meeting of volunteers (volunteer gathering) this was not the only event of the various stories and stories like their grief into standby disaster volunteers in the community, this event but also as a competition event, where the expertise and skills that have been emreka get over this, and tested between ditandingkan volunteers. “This certainly gives lessons apart, that we must continue to practice and forge themselves and dig and knowledge on disaster penanggulangannya,” said Helmiza.
Right on the warning four years post-tsunami Aceh, the Indonesian Red Cross and American Red Cross (American Red Cross) to make this moment as a place for socialization and evaluation, which is named tsunami week. This activity is carried out to test the extent to which the strength and the ability of the volunteers of community-based disaster standby or Community Based Action Team (CBAT), can transfer the knowledge that aims to increase public awareness of the risk of disaster. “We have created a campaign program, socialization and assistance to the community preparedness for disaster,” said Taherul Islam Khan, Disaster Management Delegate for the American Red Cross.
During the four years have elapsed, the Red Cross and the United States PMI has been the program to the 138 thousand public assistance recipients through the implementation of the program in disaster preparation 126 villages and 75 schools in the four targeted areas, namely Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Sabang and Aceh Jaya. “The effort is intended to support a wide range of preparedness in saving more lives,” he said.
In this weekend tsunami, the various activities undertaken, to the importance of disseminating knowledge kesiagaan disaster. With a variety of activities that merakyat, many hoped that the information presented, can be up to the people with the right. All parties participating in this event.
Volunteer gathering. Meeting of volunteers (volunteer gathering) is one of the strategies and the development of a volunteer who was to bring together volunteers from many different interests, culture and education, to learn together, exchange experiences, monitor and evaluate the process of guidance and leadership of volunteers that have been conducted PMI , as well as to design the role and activities of volunteers who continuously.
Thus, diharapakan volunteers who have no commitment, motivation, dedication and spirit of the high. They source of inspiration that will never be exhausted. No less than 300 volunteers and members of CBAT, gathered in a camp that was conducted in the field Lamreung village, Banda Aceh. The camp is the first time for the volunteers and members of CBAT. In this event all volunteers and members CBAT tested the skills and expertise in the action standby disaster. The ability to start from the first, loading the boat rubber plug, to a stage drama that delivered messages kesiagaan disaster. For staging this drama, a group of CBAT Aceh Besar district, get best assessment. Not also test the ability of science, intelligent race in the event carefully, and test the dexterity of soccer rivalry. As volunteers and members of CBAT, of fitness and health are things that really support their activities. In addition to compete, they are also sharing ideas and knowledge, about the efforts to create a community-conscious and standby disaster.
Arts and mangrove. Art is indeed an easy way to convey messages of life. Like saying a word, with the knowledge and life becomes easier with the art of living to be beautiful. The beauty of the temple, the temple of music and play-act drama is also selected as a way to convey messages standby disaster. So that people can more easily understand the importance of standby disaster in their lives. The same is the case with the mangrove. One type of plant that this is indeed become an important part in maintaining the coastal environment. Due to the tsunami disaster, no one is mangrove forest in the area affected by the tsunami. And this requires us to fix it immediately, with the return to plant mangrove trees in coastal areas, in order to save the coastal environment. In the last tsunami, thousands of mangrove trees planted in four districts and cities a priority program standby disaster PMI and Amrican Red Cross. Expected to call menamam mangrove can continue this activity into a community, can continue to maintain the environment.
Design posters, writing letters and drawing. Efforts to create a community-conscious and standby disaster, not only dikumandangkan to adults only. But also socialized to children of primary school students to school menegah up. Also taught them how to become children of the intrepid and standby disaster. To socialize this, they are invited to create a variety of information about how the disaster and rescue efforts themselves, such as drawing, mendesign posters and writing letters. The result is truly extraordinary. Thinking of these children is seen how they realized that disaster standby since early become very important. Dina Sari for Fadhillah, for example. Kid aged 8 this year, in the weekend tsunami that was organized by PMI and the American Red Cross, so I become a successful race drawing. In Dina paintings reflect the importance of planting trees, saving the environment. Dina, convinced, that the trees planted will be the savior that if the rainy season arrives, so that people can avoid natural flooding.
Other Dina, others also Ramadan, students SDN 27 in Banda Aceh. Ramadan is the second race winner to write a letter, in the socialization of standby disaster. Ramadan suratnya point to a friend who dikenalnya in Singapore, named Rizki Alfanda. Year 2006, Ramadan had come to Singapore with the father and other family members. In suratnya Ramadan told how the tsunami in Aceh in the year 2004. And how well the large number of victims died, only trouble if they do not understand the sea receding water marks tsunami soon arrived. And now the disaster has passed away four years, from time to time people start to understand the disaster that kesiagaan must menadi priority in their lives.
The same also in mind Faisal, a student school MAN Model Banda Aceh. kelihaiannya in the paint to make Faisal, aware, that in the information can also be done through the picture. Through the poster design, Faisal said that the standby disaster not only apply to some people only, but also for all citizens in Aceh. through this design posters, Faisal reach first champion. “I’m happy to be able to participate, and this is also important and useful for me,” said Faisal pride.
Fun Bike. Providing knowledge dissemination to the general public, not only can be done through ways that formal, but also in ways that more informal fun. Indonesian Red Cross with the support of the American Red Cross choose one activity, namely cycling relaxed (fun bike) to socialize the community standby disaster. While leisure cycling, participants will answer many questions that are placed on certain items in speanjang cycling routes. It turns out allegations, the public interest is very high for these activities. Waled, a teacher from the school MAN model, recognizes the efforts of socialization and games, will be easier transfer of information to the public. “I am happy to join this fun bike, in addition to get information about the standby disaster, can also be prizes bicycle,” said Waled sambi grin.
Through the week of the tsunami this time, people can be expected closer to what is called standby disaster. In addition, the community level is also expected to better than before. If the public only on the experience at bersandarkan disaster in 2004, now they will be targeted to understand more deeply the various information they receive. In addition, the community also hoped no longer worry and panic, if disaster comes, because there are many around them volunteers standby ready to help, even they can also become volunteers for themselves and their families.
They said

Achlia (18), Aceh Besar regency CBAT:
“I am very shock to see the number of disaster victims in 2004, there are even members of my family who became victims of that time. We did not have any knowledge about the disaster. This became a valuable experience for me. Now I decide, to be able to help all persons under any circumstances. With a determination that I sign up to become a member of CBAT. I hope with the knowledge that I have, I can submit to the community, so that people, especially people of my village, can memilikipengetahuan on disaster and disaster management efforts and penanggulangannya. Sya incident does not want to recur again in 2004. ”

EVA Nurlianti (22) CBAT District of Aceh Jaya:
“Everyone knows, if the District of Aceh Jaya district on the terparah kerusakannya tsunami disaster 2004. Even four years later, development was still not running well, even-choked stagnant. For that, I do not want any people-choked stagnant in receiving information and knowledge, especially about natural disasters and penanggulangannya. With the program supported by the Red Cross Amrican this, I really hope, the people of Aceh Jaya, the community can become a strong and always on standby disaster. We realize that our region is now the coastal areas vulnerable to disasters, therefore, we must know how to live quietly didaerah disaster prone. To the knowledge of disaster preparedness menajdj that is important. With menejadi members CBAT, so I can deliver a lot more things to the community, especially kelaurga and those nearest me. ”

Haris (19) CBAT Sabang City:
“Even though life didaerah archipelago, was still not a lot of people in Sabang kesiagaan will understand the disaster. This is because there is almost no information obtained by them. Post-disaster in 2004, this knowledge is important, because I do not want to sacrifice lives that have large, because the knowledge they are. Because it is happy with me register as a member of CBAT. By becoming a member CBAT, I can get a lot of knowledge about how to help others who are a disaster, reduce risk and become a citizen of standby disaster. ”

Vows (22) Red Cross Volunteer of Banda Aceh Indonesia:
“This program is very useful for the community, so that they can become a society that is always vigilant and ready to standby, if the disaster comes. Since running almost two years ago, this program provides benefits that are large enough, especially for the victims of the disaster community 2004. With this program, especially through the recruitment of volunteers from the community joined in CBAT, now people in the villages become more familiar, how do they keep themselves from the situation a disaster. ”

Bustari Mansyur, Chairman of PMI NAD:
“This is a community-based disaster management. And this is very helpful, where the community is always ready to standby when disaster came. They were not too hope in local government, if the disaster comes. And I hope the local government can also give serious attention to this program. attention can be realized in any form of support. For disseminating this program, we will also cooperate with the religious figures to provide information and knowledge to the public. ”

Taherul Islam Khan, Disaster Management Delegate American Red Cross:
“Disasters can come anytime and anywhere. For that we need to have kesiap siagaan in the face of disaster. Not only that, with the knowledge of the standby disaster, we will be able to reduce the damak from the disaster, can reduce the number of victims of the soul, and will be able to quickly restore post-disaster conditions. ”

Shesh lens Kafle, activists of the Red Cross Canada (Canadian Red Cross):
“Volunteers are the backbone of society. Volunteers from the community it can get various information about the disaster and how to face and handle. Volunteers are also the backbone of humanitarian organizations, such as the red cross. With the volunteers, this organization can move to any line, and even tersulit reach areas. ”


There is a heritage and an invaluable expensive price for the people of Aceh, even the international, post-tsunami disaster in 2004. Inheritance is the resilience and kesiagaan disaster.
As a society, who felt the change from day to day, it can only make them forget, if merka had previously lost everything due to natural disasters. The presence of institutional memory that always gives it to be important in the life of the community. And this role must be played by the red cross.
Red Cross is a humanitarian organization the sense of humanity, similarity, neutrality, independence, kesuakrelaan, unity and totality. The existence of the red cross was never absent in to serve the interests of the community.
These principles not only apply to the treatment institution red cross to the community. But also for the red cross institution itself. Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Aceh, also terpuruk due to the disaster, but with the help of the strength of the hands red cross other, including the American Red Cross, and they can rise up and run the mission kemanusiaannya.
PMI and other Red Cross organization is part of The Red Cross and Red crescent moon under the coordination of the International IFRC, and are now providing support in order to help the people of Aceh. PMI in the journey with the full support of the American Red Cross has been providing support in the capacity of communities through programs ICBRR, CBFA, Volunteer Management, as well as the recovery program into the life of normal people for family-keluagra in the city of Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar regency, the City and Sabang Aceh Jaya regency.
Four years after the disaster in Aceh, people are now expected to become an independent society, which is always on standby disaster. Together with the volunteers, let’s live side by side with the disaster, because it is now our land is the land of disaster.


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